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It Took Me 10 Years…

These pictures below, looks perfectly okay to anyone.

Allure Plastic Surgery Singapore - Breast Augmentation Mentor - Dr Samuel Ho (3)Allure Plastic Surgery Singapore - Breast Augmentation Mentor - Dr Samuel Ho (2)

But, not me…

I struggled for the longest time in my life feeling empty right there at my chest. Yes, my breast size and shape to be exact. I didn’t have the right nutrients during puberty and no one taught me exactly the importance of my breast. All I wanted was to stay slim and that was it! My chest size at that time, never bothered me at all.

As I grew older, my views of beauty changed. I became conscious of my breast size. I was a big B cup at that time and I would enhance my breast size with the help of a push-up bra. So that didn’t really much affected me alot. It was when I started dating, my whole view of push-up bras changed. I began worrying that what if my partner knew all those cleavage he saw were all just paddings and good push-up skills I had? And yes, you might say, if he loves you, he won’t mind the size etc… But you know truly this is your confidence level you are talking about and not how others giving that confidence you need.

I started buying breast enhancing creams, eating cookies that enhance breast from Japan, doing breast massages, drinking lots of papaya milk and well, it does makes the breast much more fuller, but I didn’t get the boost I needed. So moral of the story is don’t believe what stupid breast enhancement creams or food says that you can increase cup sizes. They are all just marketing tricks to lure desperate girls like me.

I started searching for more reliable ways to fill up that empty space I had and it was invasive. It’s Breast Augmentation which is also call Boob Job. 10 years ago, I was swamp by rumors and inaccurate facts that goes with this surgery. It wasn’t THE thing I wanted to opt for that time, so I had no choice but to stick to my non-invasive method to have that extra boost.

During this period of 10 years, I didn’t give up searching for the perfect clinic and doctor to do my Breast Augmentation. I asked doctors from Bangkok and Korea. And price range from US$8,500~US$10,000 for just the surgery and it’s not inclusive of all other misc. charges. Plus I have not add in airfare and lodging.

I was working full-time and going off work for more than a week takes alot of planning, so I needed to consider. Plus the language barrier was another factor that bottled up in my head.

I became very ill 2 years ago and lost alot of weight and my chest size dropped from the usual big B to a small B/big A. It seems to me that I am already flat chested. My confidence level was close to zero and I had to depend on more push-ups and silicon stick-on pads to create those imaginary cleavage. Yes, I managed to deceive the whole world but not myself. After removing all those enhancement underneath my dress, it’s the same old “nothing-much-to-see” me…

Being so lack of confidence, I began pouring out my insecurities to close friends but again none really believed I was that flat, because I did deceive people with my skills of creating imaginary cleavages.

Just one fine day, when I was talking to a friend on this topic, she gave me Dr Samuel Ho’s contact and she said that he does breast reconstruction for breast cancer patients at TTSH previously, so why not talk to him about my case. And she added that he was young and handsome. *Ahem… Okay… Well, I called him and we had some things arranged and it took me about 3 months later to officially get my surgery done at his new clinic, Allure Plastic Surgery at Wisma Atria.

Here’s me after 1 month doing my Breast Augmentation.

Allure Plastic Surgery Singapore - Breast Augmentation Mentor - Dr Samuel Ho (14)Allure Plastic Surgery Singapore - Breast Augmentation Mentor - Dr Samuel Ho (15)Allure Plastic Surgery Singapore - Breast Augmentation Mentor - Dr Samuel Ho (17)Allure Plastic Surgery Singapore - Breast Augmentation Mentor - Dr Samuel Ho (18)

I’ll be writing a full detail post on my Breast Augmentation journey NEXT!

If you questions about Breast Augmentation and would like to speak with a professional, do contact Allure Plastic Surgery directly.

Allure Plastic Surgery
435 Orchard Road #22-04 Penthouse Floor Wisma Atria Singapore 238877
Tel: 6734 9988
Whatsapp: 9623 7836

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