4 Hands Massage at Stella Wellness Centre

Aching shoulders, a very sore back, tired legs and bloated tummy

Does these symptoms sound familiar to you? Well, it does to me alright. And I do suffer not all but at least one from time to time. And these pains really slows me down and somehow makes my day stress too.

 Whenever these symptoms react, I normally take pain killers, try to do some rotation exercise or put some medicated oil/plaster to temporary ease the pain. But if it gets worse, I either go for a massage or consult a TCM. Singapore is unlike Malaysia, Thailand, China, where you can find massage parlours/joints almost everywhere with relatively good and cheap.

Massage in Singapore isn’t cheap compared to these countries and it’s not all places that offer good massage services. That’s why alot of Singaporean step-back when it comes to going for massage locally if they do not have recommendations.

Just last week, I was invited to Stella Wellness Centre to try out their 90min Empress Massage. Tbh, I didn’t know what to expect. But one thing for sure, it’s location at Village Hotel Changi gave me a huge peace of mind. You know, that hotel spa/massage are usually good right?

Stella Wellness Centre is situated at the left wing of the hotel lobby.

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Upon entering, I was pleasantly greeted by their counter girls and they got me a drink and briefly explained to me my massage that day.

I was then ushered to the private massage room.

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The room comes with a shower facility so you  can shower before/after the massage.  And I was given a robe and disposable underwear to change for massage. (Undergarments are all off at this stage)

The robe given was super cute, very Japanese and I can’t resist but to take some #selfie before I start.Stella Wellness Centre at Village Hotel Changi - 90min Empress Massage -Jpglicious(5)

Empress Massage

A 90min 4 hands massage served by 2 therapist. This helps faster relieve fatigues, aches and pain more effectively than single therapist normal massage. Massage area is full body, which includes tummy and breast for ladies (*optional)

Hot stone would be use during the session to promote body’s blood circulation and provide warm/comfort during the session.

How I felt?

I felt like an EMPRESS! This is the first time I’m having 2 therapist massaging me at the same time. The pressure was spread out and your mind isn’t just focus on a single area at a time. The strength was just nice and I really felt comfortable. I did hot stones massage before and this is way better than the rest. I actually felt the ease and comfort. Tummy massage was similar to lymphatic drainage that is done in slimming centres/spas and you’ll experience some level of pain when the therapist hits some points on your tummy, which is good for you later. And how can I not forget the breast massage (*optional). Yes, there is some level of embarrassment, but as I close my eyes and not think about it, it’s all good. Breast massage has been present for thousand of years and it helps to ease pains and promotes circulation. These helps reduce swelling and help maintain a set of healthy breast. And VERY few places actually have therapist that are qualified to do breast massage. I’m really happy I finally found one in Singapore.

Freat no more if you need a massage in Singapore

Stella Wellness Centre
No.1 Netheravon Road. #01-03A Village Hotel Changi, Singapore 508502
Tel: 6542 3303
Service Hours: Mon~Sun 11:00~23:00
2 hrs Complimentary Parking for customer

*Promotion 90min Empress Massage at $180 (usual $200)

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