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Online Shopping

Who is even NEW to this? I’ve been shopping online since Ebay/Yahoo! Auctions era which was… more than 10 years ago? What seems to be a scariest way to shop at that time, has now become something essential to us right now. From buying screen protectors, clothes, travel itineraries, furniture and everything under the sun. You just have to connect to internet, click click & click.

But online shopping can be highly addictive and because it’s so easy, we have to really control how we spend online. Not many of us are so hardworking to search on promo codes or wait till some huge sale then we purchase our stuff. Most of the time, we see it, we like it, the price okay, we buy it.

Just last year, I heard about Singapore’s top online shopping cashback website, ShopBack while watching Youtube. And it caught my attention because I could get real cashback from online purchases. Well, I didn’t sign up immediately tho. I waited till I saw more people using then I decided to give this site a try.

With some referral code I managed to get instant $5 into my ShopBack account. I started using this app for my ASOS purchase.

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You have to login with your own ShopBack account first, then from ShopBack find store “ASOS” click and get redirected to the actual site. Then you can login with the same browser to your personal ASOS account. Remember, do not close the main browser that you were redirected from. All transaction must be done within that browser so that the system can capture your purchase.

Only successful purchases done on the same browser are eligible for cashback. Your cashback will be reflected in your ShopBack account within 48 hours and cash out are redeemable after 30~60days.


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ShopBack help you get the best deals and discount on 300+ stores, plus Cashbacks! Which means you don’t need to wait for newsletter from online stores or do extensive googling for promo codes. ShopBack has made it easy for you to shop.

Deals from popular sites like ASOS, Shopee and even information on a Sephora sale to help you save more with cashback for your beauty needs are all eligible for ShopBack cashback.

*You can click here for more info on the best deals and coupons*

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I’ve earn my share and I’m sharing with you right now 🙂

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