I did Rejuran at Veritas Medical Aesthetics and the results were Shocking!

Talk about skin with anyone in this world. There bound to complaints. It might be a tiny one or a long list.

For me? I consider mine, commonly face issues.

Instead of listing them down, I plotted them on my face map, so you’ll know which areas have issues. Basically the entire face….

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I do have makeup on, but no foundation. So, more or less you can see my skin is VERY DRY! I have sensitive skin and periodically I suffer from skin breakdowns. My skin will be so dry, it flakes, becomes rough and sometimes it itches. And these breakdowns can last from days to weeks. It just depends on my “SKIN MOOD”.

On “NORMAL SKIN DAYS” my skin is usually oily on the T-zone and dry on the sides. And I do suffer from occasional redness. It might be an area or patches. This made me very cautious of my skin and what I use on them. Only basic skincare plus sunblock goes onto my skin. No foundation or concealer or whatsoever. I can’t afford a breakdown situation.

My skin is damaged from within and lacks hydration. No matter how much repair serum or hydrating mask I slap on my face, nothing was long-lasting.

I was desperate for a cure

Godsend? Well, one reader of mine told me she had similar issues because she used an incompatible face mask from Korea. Her skin broke out and it was a nightmare. She was introduced to Rejuran at Veritas Medical Aesthetics and it somehow cured her skin.

And that’s how I know about Rejuran aka 嬰兒針

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Rejuran is a skin repair treatment and contains salmon DNA. It helps repair severely damage skin, reduce the appearance of pigmentation/scars, minimising enlarged pores, regulate oil production, speed up healing by repairing and restoring damaged cells.

I had to try this!

I fixed an appointment with Veritas Medical Aesthetics for Rejuran and #NOREGRETS .

Rejuran is a treatment that requires small injections on the ENTIRE face.
(Don’t be FREAKED out)
So, I had my face covered with numbing cream for 30min and I did ask for painkillers because… I kiasu lah… And I have low pain tolerance.

Rejuran-Veritas Medical Aesthetics-Jpglicious (2)

The injection part took about 10~15min. Slight pain in sensitive areas like the sides of the face and nose, other than that,  It was BEARABLE! The pain was similar to ant bite or popping pimple kind of pain. That’s it. But before the treatment, Doctor Chua will explain the whole procedure so you don’t freak out after.



(Unsightly image to be shown below)



Rejuran-Veritas Medical Aesthetics-Jpglicious (5)

It looks gross, but trust me, it’s WORTH IT! The small bumps you see are called blebs and this helps with collagen production. This can only be achieved by manual injections.

70% of the blebs will fade off after the treatment and 30% the next day. It depends on individual skin condition.

*You’ll need a mouth mask to cover your face after the treatment to avoid awkward stares. And go home and rest.


Rejuran-Veritas Medical Aesthetics-Jpglicious (4)

Just look at my skin in 2 weeks. Yes, the first picture looks fairer cause I had sunblock on. But compare how my skin glows. After Rejuran, I didn’t suffer from any skin breakdowns. So far, no dryness, no redness, and no flaking.

It’s been already 3 weeks. And I’m very pleased with the results.

Even I look happier in the picture with better skin. LOL

Rejuran-Veritas Medical Aesthetics-Jpglicious (6)

Rejuran is NOT a one time off treatment. You will need to seek doctor’s advice on the number of sessions you need to undergo. But just in one session, I already felt my results. It’s GOOD!

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