Do your Online Shopping with ShopBack for Cashback and MORE!

Online Shopping Who is even NEW to this? I’ve been shopping online since Ebay/Yahoo! Auctions era which was… more than 10 years ago? What seems to be a scariest way to shop at that time, has now become something essential to us right now. From buying screen protectors, clothes, travel itineraries, furniture and everything under… Continue reading Do your Online Shopping with ShopBack for Cashback and MORE!


Inch Loss Journey with BodyPerfect

How I regained a toned healthy figure without exercise! Given you the choice, you’ll choose to have a fit healthy figure rather than one that has flabs all over right? Even sumo wrestlers have strict diet to attain those mass. What about us? Binge eating, takeaways, suppers and those countless bad eating habits. Yes, you… Continue reading Inch Loss Journey with BodyPerfect


Stop Ageing with Jeunesse Luminesce

Ageing is never only about numbers. It’s about how we live life and obtain balance. And because we live in a highly competitive environment in Singapore, we face tons of different stress. Work, school, relationships, environmental and the list go on and on for reasons for stress. We often feel tired at the end of… Continue reading Stop Ageing with Jeunesse Luminesce


Staying Youthful with Jeunesse Reserve

Youth It’s all about challenging the numbers these days. Yes, we all want time to stop, at that certain olden age when we look the greatest. And that’s like 18? 21? 25? Somewhat around there, when our skin still have lots of collagen, wrinkle-free and our body’s metabolism rate is still working like a hamster running on… Continue reading Staying Youthful with Jeunesse Reserve


4 Hands Massage at Stella Wellness Centre

Aching shoulders, a very sore back, tired legs and bloated tummy Does these symptoms sound familiar to you? Well, it does to me alright. And I do suffer not all but at least one from time to time. And these pains really slows me down and somehow makes my day stress too.  Whenever these symptoms… Continue reading 4 Hands Massage at Stella Wellness Centre