Perfect Lash by GRACEOUS (Japanese Lash Bar)

Long, voluminous lash, which girl doesn’t want? 
But FACT, most Asians, especially Chinese, we will never in our life time grow that kind of lashes. Maybe thicker, longer, but never those kind like falsies.


But we all know, how much damage there will be on our natural lash if we choose the wrong kind of lash extensions. And lash extensions comes in so many kinds of variations. 1D-6D, Mink, Single lash blah blah blah…


Graceous, a Japanese Lash Bar in Singapore has just launch PERFECT LASH. A new range of Weightless Luxury Lash Extensions & Lash Lift services.

2 Locations (River Valley or Cantonment Road)

I visited the one in River Valley, cause my favorite Japanese food is just located downstairs. LOL!
Upon reaching, you’ll need to fill a form to register and it’s English/Japanese. This is for the Lash Technician to note your lash extensions type so the next time you come, there’s a record.
Then comes a complicated part is to select the type of lash. But to be simple, you can bring a sample image of the lash on a model or describe what you want and they will customise it for you.
*FYI all the Lash Technicians are Japanese, so if you are all set for the Gyaru or Natural Japanese style, you got the right expertise in this!

It takes about 45min to 60 min
*If you have existing extensions, please inform them when making an appointment as additional time is needed for the removal


Existing lash removal was painless, this is crucial because I had bad experience before in other lash joints.
No stinging, pain or discomfort during PEFERCT LASH session, and minimal talking were involved. It was a plus point for me because I did doze off during the whole session.
I did Voluminous Lash and the lash WERE REALLY WEIGHTLESS despite the volume. 
Normally with lash extensions, you’ll feel there is something fixed on your lash but these, I felt nothing!
What’s more, PERFECT LASH single lash extensions also give your eyes an eyeliner effect, which means you can do away the daily eye makeup routine and that saves ALOT OF TIME!
These pictures of me have zero eye makeup on, just imagine. 
This pair of lash lasted me for almost a month! And there was no damage to my natural lash. Lash fell off in a natural way with no significant gaps. I do really HIGHLY RECOMMEND this lash!

9 Mohamed Sultan Road, #03-02 (Attic level) Singapore 238959
Contact: +6562356935
Whatsapp/SMS: +6586996045
Nearest MRT: Somerset or Clark Quay
9 Cantonment Road, #02-01 (Attic level) Singapore 089735
Contact: +6568370552
Whatsapp/SMS: +6587992454
Nearest MRT: Outram Park

Opening Hours: 10:00am~08:00pm daily
IG: @Graceous_SG

*Enjoy 20% off for FIRST-TIMERS

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