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It’s all about challenging the numbers these days. Yes, we all want time to stop, at that certain olden age when we look the greatest. And that’s like 18? 21? 25? Somewhat around there, when our skin still have lots of collagen, wrinkle-free and our body’s metabolism rate is still working like a hamster running on a hamster wheel.

Stress, indigestion, bad habits, bad traffic, bad day, excessive sun exposure and the list goes. These are internal and external factors that cause our bodies to increase something evil, called free radicals. Free radicals damages the cells in our body which causes common problems like, tiredness, bad skin and obesity. They are also known culprits for heart disease and cancer.

We often seek for a work/life balance but it’s hard to keep up when our minds are too cluttered. We gradually neglect our bodies and by the time we realise, we are often at the stage that we need to consume medication for health issue or undergo some aesthetic help to reverse ageing.

But LUCKY ME!Jeunesse Reserve Age Defying Fruit Gel - Jpglicious (1)

Just 3 months ago, I got to know Jeunesse Reserve on the web. I started wondering what was so great about it, because they have tons of good review. So I began to search their info and found out that this pack of fruit gel is a unique botanical blend of antioxidants, anthocyanins and essential fatty acids.

Key Ingredients

+Jeunesse Reserve Age Defying Fruit Gel - Jpglicious (4)Jeunesse Reserve Age Defying Fruit Gel - Jpglicious (3)

This formula contains antioxidants to resist oxidative stress (free radicals) and premature aging. Anthocyanins to support healthy cardiovascular function. Essential fatty acid to assist digestive tract function. Helps maintain a healthy metabolism, immune system support, energy, inflammation and joint function.

This special gel form is aborb quicker into the body as compared to normal capules. It is low in carbo and sugar. Each packet contains over 185mg of Resveratrol. And it’s halal-certified.

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You can take it anytime of the day. 1-2 packets daily. For me I took 1 day 1 night.

Each packet is only 30ml and you can even pop in into your small purse.
*Pregnant or lactating women and people with medical condition are adviced to consult health care professional before consumption


After consuming for 3 months, I was less fatigue. My skin wasn’t as dry as before and I cut down alot on binge eating during mid-day and before bed. The taste of the gel is very nice and it’s resembles those Japanese jelly. The plus point is the size, 30ml and very small. I did look less tired and nowadays I skip the filter for my selfies because my skin was just in good condition. Overall, I do recommend this product.

Jeunesse Reserve

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