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Ageing is never only about numbers. It’s about how we live life and obtain balance. And because we live in a highly competitive environment in Singapore, we face tons of different stress. Work, school, relationships, environmental and the list go on and on for reasons for stress. We often feel tired at the end of the day and we just feel old even though we are just 25. It’s just that something in the body that slows down and we can’t find that vibe anymore. Worse still, if one day we look into the mirror and discover how much have our looks change over time. That bouncy skin we use to have, no eyebags, no frown lines kinda days were just gone…. And we just realise that we are just experiencing ageing.

Signs of ageing on the facial skin begins at age 25. And yes, it’s pretty early. We don’t usually notice that we are actually falling into the “ageing zone”, because the problems are still skin deep and it will only surface only years later. Experts advice that we should start proper anti-ageing skincare regime as early as age 25.

Because I don’t want to look old and I don’t mind investing in a good set of skincare to make me forever young. Browsing off the web, there are THOUSANDS of choices. From drugstores brands to really high-end ones. But there was only one that strike my eyes.

Luminesce Refining Youth Skincare

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Luminesce skincare range is developed using stem cells technology. Which means, their products contains growth factors that helps repair damage cells on our skin. When cells are repaired, this will help us maintain skin’s youthfulness and slows down skin’s ageing process. Growth factors are very important to our skin, as we age, the production of growth factors within the skin is reduced and that leads to wrinkling and thinning of skin. In short, signs of ageing.

For the start, I tried 3 products from their entire range.

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It’s just a cleanser, serum and moisturiser/sunblock. These 3 products absorb easily to the skin and all are unscented. It works fine with my makeup on them and I was please with it.

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After using it for 1 month, I saw a huge improvement in my skin’s pore size. The skin texture improved too. And I did suffer from less breakouts. Hydration level of my skin was also better, I didn’t feel that my skin was rough when I wake up in the morning. Jeunesse Luminesce Anti-Ageing Skin Care - Jpglicious (5)

After 3 months of using, I realise that my skin had became brighter and had a little glow. And I could completely skip concealer and foundation.

How I feel?

I’m very please with the products and I super love their Daily Moisturising Complex because there’s SPF30 inside. Save my forgetful mind, because I always skip the suncreen protection part. Products are made of hard plastic and it’s very light-weight. Very easy to bring for traveling. The cleanser has a very unique open/closure cap which I love. Zero spills so far even on the plane.

Because I do not have any signs of ageing, I cannot show any result in regards to fine lines etc. But when you google on their products, the testimonies are insane!

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Jeunesse Luminesce

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