What to do in Taiwan?

Just 5 hours from Singapore to the land of Boba

Yes! It’s TAIWAN!

I’m pretty sure, Taiwan is no stranger to most Asians. We’ve seen tons of variety shows, idol dramas, sang tons of karaoke songs and indulge in endless boba all originating from Taiwan.

Here’s are TOP LIST to do in Taiwan


Extremely instagram-worthy, these magical boba/bubble beverages are also highly addictive. They come in a huge variety of choices and they are everywhere in Taiwan. Follow where the crowd goes and you won’t be wrong ordering from whether or not the right store. For the health conscious group, you can opt for less sugar for a less sinful indulge.

My Picks: Tiger Sugar, 50嵐50 Lan, 幸福堂 Xing Fu Tang
Tips: Go purchase a portable Boba Tea holder from stationery shops. Cost less than S$1 and it’s helping the environment too!


And I do mean local local food. These are ONLY available in Taiwan and most are clustered at the Night Market. You might think they are just typical Chinese food and they look all the same, but NO! I can’t find these taste in Singapore, Malaysia or anywhere.

One of my favorites is their dessert corner

Just simple shaved ice and TONS of yummy toppings you can choose from. And if I didn’t remember wrong it’s only 40NT which is S$2! And the portion is HUGGGGGGEEEEE!

Recommended: Nanjichang Night Market (南機場夜市)
What to Eat: Stinky Tofu Boss (臭老闆)Taro King 南機場夜市芋頭大王
Bring cash! They don’t accept card or electronic payments


Pre-book your visit and you can spend the afternoon eating ultra cute food and snap your way in these themed cafes. There are Sanrio, Gudetama, Rilakkuma and other local brands. You really do not need to queue like crazy like in Singapore. And it’s worth the visit.

My Picks: Gudetama Chef (蛋黃哥五星主廚餐廳)Hello Kitty Kitchen And DiningRilakkuma CaféDazzling Cafe (蜜糖吐司)


Taiwan has over 12,000 registered temples and most of their temples are MASSIVE! These places of worship are all built with different deity and purposes. And it’s quite educational when you know their story behind.

For me, I’m seeking a companionship so I visited Longshan Temple (龍山寺) at Taipei, where the locals swore the powers of God of Marriage – Yue Lao (月老).

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to do the rituals, there is an information counter in the temple where you can query what you should do for what you want help for. It’s pretty cool, cause most temple in Asia is like free and easy or monkey see monkey do. And for this, correct prayers are a big deal in Taiwan. (I repeated 2 times before I got the rituals right… So don’t be embarrassed about it)

Even you are of a different religion, I do recommend you to go temple hopping. The culture, the architecture and the history behind them are so rich. I highly recommend. 

My Picks: Longshan Temple (龍山寺)Xingtian Temple (行天宮)Fo Guang Shan Buddha Museum (佛光山)
Tips: Don’t wear too skimpy, it’s a form of respect for Gods


WHAT? Go there sing song????!!!??? YES! No wrong. Karaoke in Taiwan is a VERY BIG DEAL and their karaokes are like hotels. The one I visited recently PARTY WORLD Zhong Hua Branch Ximending Taipei (錢櫃) or previously known as Cash Box Party it’s literally a hotel building. And going to your karaoke room is like checking in for a staycation.

Different karaoke outlets have different concepts and some even have pole dance and really kinky themes. So be sure to check their website before you go. The selection of food available is also insane! You can just dine there, sing, drink and go crazy.  It’s my go-to sport everytime I go to Taiwan and it’s a totally different experience.

Songs from Mainland China is unavailable in all outlets
You can order a pitch/jug or MILK TEA! (Hot/Cold)
Drinking games are available but you need to pay for them
Booking is required for busy timeslot


Not a very popular thing tourist will do in Taiwan. But as I indulge in so many sinful foods, I realised I have to sweat it out. And to my surprise, parks are everywhere in Taiwan. And each park has also a history behind. If you are at Taipei, Ximending, you can visit 228 Peace Memorial Park (二二八和平公園).

If you are more adventurous, have a hike up their National Parks.


Instead of being lazy and get everything conveniently at 7-11 or convenient stores. Make a trip down to their major supermarkets like Carrefour nearby Ximending and you will be spoilt for choices and prices are literally slash in almost halves.

I spent 4 hours in the 4 level supermarket and snapped up so many local snacks, instant noodles, condiments, toiletries, socks, household items and the list goes on. It was insane!

You can even get TAX-FREE there! What more to ask? Also, you can nab up some Ding Tai Fung buns in frozen pack back to SG.

After shopping, there is a packing corner with cartons, tapes and strings, FREE-TO-USE,  for you to pack up your items, so you don’t need to squash the items into your luggage. HOW THOUGHTFUL~

Tips: Forgo those tiny one level markets, aim for the big ones with few levels!


Apart from the train, the bus takes you to alot places that isn’t t tooo touristy and more local. Use google map to navigate your way and you won’t go wrong. Bus has scrolling bus stop names in English that you can look out before alighting.

But make sure you purchase an EasyCard (悠遊卡) similar to Ez-Link before you start exploration.
Available at Train Stations and Convenience Stores

Planning for your trip

Planning a trip to Taiwan is very easy breezy too. You got to decide on which climate you prefer to visit and my top choice of getting there is via FLYSCOOT.  With 24 weekly flight to Taiwan and constant promotional offers, they have the best price and timing imo so far.

And I got extra help via LeasAny on my recent trip to Taipei. LeasAny provides rental services for travel essentials such as luggage, photography and outdoor equipment. And you can also purchase overseas Travel Data SIM Card (AirSIM) and other personal care/first aid needed for the trip.

For this trip I got a Travel Data SIM Card AIRSIM to stay connected and a DJI Osmo Mobile 2 for video-ing.

Stay at somewhere very accessible. In Taipei, I do recommend Taipei Main Station or Ximending if visiting Taipei.

I stayed Millia Hotel this trip and Orange Hotel the previous. Both are clean and very accessible.

So next time you thinking of going Taiwan, don’t forget these tips!


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